Get a Glimpse behind the Scenes of the International Publishing Industry:

S3 E9: A Close Look at the Romanian Publishing Market with Ana Lotts-Nicolau

Yasmina Jraissati on Selling Arabic Literature Internationally (S3 E8)

The Place of Literary Agents in France. An Interview with Sophie Langlais (S3 E7)

Les Argonautes Editeur: Making European Literature Travel to France (S3 E6)

The Australian Publishing Landscape: An Interview with Penny Hueston (S3 E5)

A Close Look at Finnish Publishing with Outi Karemaa (S3 E4)

Amélie Louat on Leaving International Publishing to Open an Indie Bookstore (S3 E3)

Japanese publishing

Looking at the Japanese Publishing Market with Manami Tamaoki (S3 E2)

A Chat with Stella Jóhannesdóttir of the Reykjavík International Literary Festival (S3 E1)

A Discussion with Ed Nawotka, international and bookselling editor at Publishers Weekly (S2 E22)

Author, Translator, Publisher Lawrence Schimel on Book Hunting and Much More (S2 E21)

An Interview with Astra Magazine’s EIC Nadja Spiegelman (S2 E20)

Marie Vinter on Danish Publishing & Starting Vinter Forlag (S2 E19)


A Deep Dive into the Audiobook Market with Lance Fitzgerald (S2 E18)

Publishers Without Borders

Prashant Pathak on Weathering the Pandemic in India and Publishers Without Borders (S2 E17)

Russian publishing

Natalia Poleva on the Current State of the Russian Publishing Market (S2 E16)

egyptian publishing

Sherif Bakr Discusses the Latest Developments in the Egyptian Publishing Industry (S2 E15)

Challenging the Amazon Empire: Founder & CEO Andy Hunter (S2 E14)

educational publishing

S2 E13: A Conversation with Allison Scott, Acquisitions Editor in Educational Publishing

book adaptations

S2 E12: An Interview with Deborah Kaufmann, VP of Literary Affairs at Legendary Entertainment

French publishing

S2 E11: Nicolas Roche Discusses Promoting French Publishing Abroad during the Pandemic

independent publishing

S2 E10: Gunnar Cynybulk on Founding His Independent Publishing House (during a Pandemic)

Translations in the US

S2 E9: The Infamous “Three Percent”: Chad Post Discusses Translations in the US

literary scouting

S2 E8: Literary Scouting: John Bowers Lifts a Tip of the Veil

Eastern European publishing

A Close Look at the Central & Eastern European Publishing Markets with Livia Stoia

Greek publishing

The Resilience of the Greek Publishing Market. An Interview with Evangelia Avloniti

Guadalajara Book Fair

The Virtual Guadalajara Book Fair: Rubén Padilla Discusses What It Was Like

Arabic publishing

Journalist and Editor Olivia Snaije Discusses the Arab-Speaking Publishing World

Turkish publishing

The Turkish Publishing Market Seen from within: an Interview with Amy Spangler

international literature

“Good Literature Has Universal Appeal:” Judith Uyterlinde on Discovering International Literature

Canada FBM2020

Canada FBM2020’s Gillian Fizet Discusses Guest of Honor Program at Frankfurt 2020/21

publishing trends

How Publishing Trends Are Influenced by Historical Context: A Conversation with Daniel Bunyard

translated literature

The Place of Translated Literature in the US: an Interview with Translator Eve Bodeux (Podcast #20)

Portuguese publishing

The Portuguese Publishing Industry in Times of Corona (Podcast #19)

writing coach

Always Be Learning: Writing Coach Becca Puglisi Shares Tips for Aspiring Writers (Podcast #18)

bestselling author

How a Bestselling Author Became a Successful Publisher (Podcast #17)

Dutch literature

The Dutch Foundation for Literature’s Extra Support Measures during the Pandemic (Podcast #16)


An In-Depth Conversation about the Growing Audiobook Industry (Podcast #15)

TV adaptations

Talking Movie, TV and Podcast Adaptations with Maÿlis Vauterin (Podcast #14)

European literature

Trafika Europe: Championing European Literature in English Translation (Podcast #13)

Quebec publisher

Think Outside the Book with Quebec Publisher Antoine Tanguay (Podcast #12)

Italian publishing

The Italian Publishing Scene Before, During and After the Covid Lockdown (Podcast #11)

Children's publishing

A Close Look at the Global Children’s Publishing Industry (Podcast #10)

Brazilian publishing

The Brazilian Publishing Industry during These Challenging Times (Podcast #9)

French publishing

How Covid-19 Impacts the French Publishing Industry (Podcast #8)

comic books

The Comic Books Market Seen from an International Perspective (Podcast #7)

Chinese publishing

The Chinese Publishing Market Emerging from Covid-19 (Podcast #6)

German publishing

How the German Publishing Industry Is Coping with Covid-19 (Podcast #5)

Spanish publishing

Spain’s Covid-19 Lockdown and the Impact on Its Publishing Industry (Podcast #4)

Mexican publishing

Launching a Publishing House in Mexico Right before a Pandemic (Podcast #3)

Literary Agency

Must-Have Virtual Office Tools for Literary Agents (Podcast #2)

literary agency

The Virtual Literary Agency: How Does 2 Seas Make It Work? (Podcast #1)

Co-Founder Marleen Seegers Explains 2 Seas Agency's Activities in a Nutshell: