Why international publishing professionals love working with 2 Seas Agency

The following testimonials have been given since 2 Seas Agency was founded in 2011

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I think your newsletter is one of the best in the sector. It is interesting, informative and just like you, well organized! Keep up the good work! Laura King Malefakis, Alianza (Spain)

Marleen is one of the only literary agents whose materials (and newsletters and general updates) I consistently pay attention to. That’s partly due to my interests with Open Letter Books (we only publish literature in translation), but also a testament to the international scope of 2 Seas Agency. Unlike any other U.S.-based agents, Marleen is very outward-looking, paying attention to literature from around the world and bringing it to the attention of U.S. and European publishers. […] I want to take a moment to point out the value of Marleen’s newsletters. Similar to other agencies, most of the ones she sends out are about rights catalogs, acquisitions, etc. But a high percentage also includes general information about the global market, helping to create a context for the international titles that she’s representing.Chad W. Post, Director, Open Letter Books (USA)

Marleen has in a very short time built a name for herself and her agency, spanning both sides of the Atlantic. Never was the word ‘global’ more to the point, and not only in the geographical sense. Marleen covers a number of territories and languages and has knowledge of what ‘the old continent’ might want and what happens in the United States. […] Publishing and everything that is related to it is more than ever such a global undertaking, and I think our industry can benefit greatly from agencies like 2 Seas Literary Agency that can and will probably play an even more vital role in the future.Nelleke Geel, Publisher, Meridiaan Uitgevers (the Netherlands)

The significance of Marleen’s work extends far beyond an agent’s traditional mission: with her passion, determination, and unusual multinational perspective, Marleen is defying the conventional wisdom that U.S. publishers are closed to writing from abroad. With a remarkable sense of purpose, Marleen is bringing important, mind-changing writing and thought from around the world to American readers. Representing a broad range of European houses and writers, large and small, Marleen champions not only commercial writing, but also literary fiction and serious political and historical work that might not necessarily have obvious commercial appeal but is of great intellectual and moral value.Riva Hocherman, Executive Editor, Metropolitan Books (USA)

Marleen has built an impressive foreign rights portfolio in a very short time and much more: her reach, perspective and understanding really are for and from both sides of the Atlantic. Being originally from Holland, she represents not only American but many European publishers and authors of great interest […] and is very innovative, inspiring and reliable in helping authors succeed all over the world. Her and her agency’s commitment is felt spread and wanted by the best editors and their houses so that her list has grown steadily while always keeping its curated quality.Dr. Wolfgang Ferchl, Former Publisher, Knaus Verlag (Germany)

Marleen is one of those rare multilingual persons who seem to be at ease everywhere and whose excellent communication skills and great personality make her a welcome guest not only at our publishing house. I am always struck by Marleen’s energy and the fact that she liaises with editors and agents all over the world. Her agency has been experiencing an amazing development and I am sure it will be growing further and becoming more and more internationally important in the years to come.Julia Eisele, Founder and Publisher, Eisele Verlag – former Editorial Director Pendo and Paperback Fiction, Piper Verlag (Germany)

[Marleen and Derek] helped me sell the foreign rights for my book and did an awesome job. They are also generally super cool people!Taylor Pearson, entrepreneur and bestselling author of The End of Jobs (USA)

Once again, your work amazes me. Everything about it. The quality of your website, your submissions, your way of communicating, the angles with which you approach literature as well as your commercial sense. Finally, a breath of fresh air among our old methods! Congratulations to you both.—Zéline Guéna, Literary Scout (France)

We adore your fresh and energetic way to sell rights!—Iina Tikanoja, Acquiring Editor Foreign Fiction, Gummerus Publishers (Finland)

I’m so impressed by the way you present your titles – you really are the consummate professional and I admire your energy!—Lucy Abrahams, Literary Scout (UK)

Your monthly newsletters are extremely interesting. Keep sending it to us because it includes some valuable news items and insights on the publishing scene in other countries.—Moshe Triwaks, Publisher, Matar Publishing (Israel)

I appreciate your enthusiasm (through Facebook, your newsletters and website), your reactivity and transparency. It is very nice working with you.—Sandra Gonthier, International Rights, Editions du Boréal (Canada)

Marleen, 2 Seas is such a hive of activity! Great!—Valerie Duff, Literary Scout (UK)

Congratulations for all the new titles you are taking on, I really admire the way you are building up your business. You really are an inspiration!—Evangelia Avloniti, Owner Ersilia Literary Agency (Greece)

Thank you for this newsletter, which was really captivating! I’ve just read your articles on publishing initiatives in the Netherlands and the state of the European market seen from your point of view, and I learned a lot!—Cécile Térouanne, Editorial Director Hachette Romans (France)

Awesome! You’re the best! You’re a rock star, Marleen.—Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi, Authors of The Descriptive Thesaurus series and the award-winning blog Writers Helping Writers (USA)

The energy in your posts and website is most impressive.—Michell Albert, Commissioning Editor, Garnett Publishing/Ithaca Press (UK)

Your E-news May 2013 is great and most stimulating, and your writing voice is delightful. Thank you!—Joao Rodriguez, Sextante Editora (Portugal)

My congratulations for your growing success! I follow your newsletters very closely, they are always very interesting and the agency is doing very well. Bravo bravo!—Hélène Ferey, Sr Rights Manager, AM Heath Literary Agency (UK)

The following testimonials were given at the launch of 2 Seas Agency in 2011

It’s been a complete delight to work with Marleen. Not only is she is a friendly, funny, and fun person to deal with, but she’s enormously impressive too.  It’s rare for an editor to feel her literary tastes and publishing profile so fully understood, but when Marleen recommends a book, it’s invariably well targeted and immediately tempting.—Laura Barber, Editorial Director, Portobello Books (UK)

Marleen and I met when I started working for De Geus in 2007, when she worked for Stock. She was a beacon of peace and dedication in the turbulent French publishing scene. She always knew how to communicate her enthusiasm for literature, which incited nice conversations that went beyond De Geus’ or Stock’s list. There was also a personal click, besides the pleasant professional collaboration. The meetings I had with Marleen were always inspiring and I was especially struck by her cheerfulness and clear vision of the international market.—Ilonka Reintjens, former Publisher Thrillers, The House of Books (the Netherlands) 

I first met Marleen Seegers when she did an internship with me at the foreign rights department of JC Lattès. She is a very positive, efficient and sparkling young woman, and it was a real pleasure having her on our team. She very quickly became part of it, was always very curious and did her work with great satisfaction. She is also a very organized person and easily takes own initiatives. I was very sad to let her go once the internship had ended. Her international profile and her dynamic personality are a perfect match for her to succeed with her agency.—Eva Bredin-Wachter, Rights Manager, Editions JC Lattès-Le Masque (France)

I have worked with Marleen Seegers in my capacity as Senior Editor for French Literature here at Norstedts. Marleen Seegers has always in her capacity first as Foreign Rights Assistant then as Foreign Rights Manager with French Publisher Editions Stock complied with all my requests. Marleen is easy to work with, always professional and efficient, and never overlooking tasks how minor they may seem. Above all, what is striking with Marleen is her cheerful nature, with such a personality combined with her efficiency and professionalism, one has nothing to else to say but to recommend her services.—Gunilla Sondell, Senior Editor for French Literature, Norstedts (Sweden)

I’ve always been happy to work with Marleen. She has that passion and sincerity while talking about books. She always gives swift responses and is willing to solve complicated problems that can occur while dealing with translation rights. She has the ability to find good stories and good subjects.—Hengjia Lee, Managing Editor Literature, Beijing Imaginist Time Culture Co., Ltd. (China)

Marleen Seegers is a dedicated publishing professional, with profound knowledge of her authors and their work. She treats small and big clients with the same fairness and honesty, making excellent choices for her authors.—Joost Nijhoff, Former CEO, Audioteket A/S (Denmark)