🌟 Happy Holidays and a Book-a-licious 2018 🌟

🌟 Happy Holidays and a Book-a-licious 2018 🌟

bookalicious2 Seas Agency wishes you a peaceful Holiday Season and an inspiring, prosperous & bookalicious New Year!

By Marleen Seegers—article posted on 16 December 2017

This year’s Holiday Season will be an unusual one. The week of December 4, wildfires burned all around the sweet, peaceful town of Ojai, home to 2 Seas Agency’s main office.

Derek and I were evacuated for nearly a week, some of our friends’ houses have been lost. There has been devastation and heartbreak during this nerve-wrecking time. Yet Ojai itself didn’t burn, a miracle we are extremely grateful for.

As I am writing this, smoke continues to fill the air and ashes are raining down as the fires have moved westward, threatening new communities and forcing thousands of people to evacuate in and near the city of Santa Barbara.

My thoughts are with them, and with the brave firefighters who saved Ojai from catching fire.

It will take a while for us to recover and I am not sure when I’ll be working regular hours again. We still can’t go outside without masks—even inside, the air quality is sometimes questionable. So here’s to life, simply! 🌈 🤸 🏵   

And to many more wonderful books to share in 2018 and beyond 📚 📚 📚

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season and thanking you for your support and patience during these trying times.

On behalf the 2 Seas team,


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