2 Seas Agency: Celebrating 7 Years of Selling Foreign Rights

foreign rights

2 Seas Agency: Celebrating 7 Years of Selling Foreign Rights

June 28 2018 marks 2 Seas Agency’s 7th anniversary: selling foreign rights from Ojai, California

By Marleen Seegers — Article published on 28 June 2018
foreign rights

Office cat Millie celebrating our 7th anniversary right after she’d brought us a birthday present (a lizard—it was alive, I caught it and brought it to safety outside)

And an adventure it has been! Even though I’d been working nearly 10 years as a foreign rights seller in France, when launching the agency I had no idea what I was getting myself into as far as being a business owner is concerned.

Luckily I wasn’t alone on this entrepreneurial journey and have been supported by my life and business partner Derek throughout these seven years. As for any business, they weren’t without challenges! Yet in general all seven years have been simply awesome — and I would like to deeply thank those who have made it possible:

  • Derek who, besides his listening ear, level-headed guidance, tech and general support, and entrepreneurial gusto, keeps putting up with me leaving on those long business trips to Europe and elsewhere;


  • Jr. Agent Chrys: she just reminded me it’s been three years that she started out as our part-time intern. Our birthdays are two days apart (plus some years!) which may explain why we’re so in tune with each other (and have been so since day 1) even though we work remotely, in two very different time zones. It’s been an incredible ride with her by my side and I’ve found it very special to see her grow — and 2 Seas, and myself, along with her. I couldn’t imagine the agency without her;


  • Our current and past part-time virtual interns based in places near and afar including São Paulo, Chicago, Paris, Denver, London, Naples and Camarillo, CA. During my recent trip to New York I met with up with former interns Brita and Jena, who ended up pursuing careers in (international) publishing, respectively at Touchstone and William Morris Endeavor. It was so moving for me to see them again and hear about their experiences!


  • Our office cat Millie: besides keeping all corners of our office dust free, she has a great sense of timing when it comes to claiming back rubs, therefore imposing a break from my computer. For instance when I’ve been dealing with lost contracts and international tax forms for two hours in a row 🙂


  • And last but not least, YOU: Editors, scouts, fellow agents, clients, translators, organizers of book fairs and fellowships, government and other cultural organizations which promote international literature, and avid readers from around the world. Without you nothing would happen… Let’s celebrate curiosity together!
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