2 Seas Agency Celebrates Its 9th Anniversary

2 Seas Agency

2 Seas Agency Celebrates Its 9th Anniversary

The agency turns 9 years old today. I’ve said it many times before, and it just doesn’t grow old: time passes quickly when you’re having fun!

2 Seas Agency

Office cat Millie hanging out with some foreign editions of books we sold internationally


As the world entered a new decade this year — little did we know on January 1st what it would bring us only a couple of months down the road — 2 Seas Agency is getting close to entering its first decade today, June 28 2020.

On this day in 2011, I pressed the ‘send’ button for our first monthly newsletter, letting the (publishing) world know 2 Seas Agency was born.

What a ride it has been! And I’m not even taking this year’s events into account… First of all, as most of you know by now, without my entrepreneurial-slash-publishing professional husband Derek, 2 Seas Agency would not have seen the light. He was the one who showed me what was possible, what I am capable of doing (and continues to do so — more on that later on).

Celebrating Chrys’s 5-year anniversary at 2 Seas Agency as well
2 Seas Agency

We couldn’t let Chrys’s 5th anniversary at 2 Seas Agency go by unnoticed!

2 Seas Agency’s 9th anniversary is not the only milestone we’re celebrating this month. I would like to put a special spotlight on Senior Agent Chrys, who celebrated her 5th anniversary with the agency just a few days ago, on June 25th!

Only a few months after joining us, Chrys went from being an intern to becoming Junior Agent — the first position created since the start of 2 Seas Agency. She attended Frankfurt right away and it felt as if she’d been born pitching books!

She was promoted to Senior Agent last fall, and I continue to be amazed at her development and growth within the agency. It’s a such a delight to work with her every day at our virtual office. Without her, 2 Seas Agency would surely not have been where it is now. Thank you, Chrys!

2 Seas Agency in times of Covid-19

These are trying times to say the least. Although I truly feel privileged to have been able to isolate with Derek in our Ojai home and its beautiful, peaceful environment, I miss having seen many of you earlier this spring, including Chrys. I’d planned a 5-week trip to Europe, which was cut short after only one week — though I’m grateful that I did manage to spend a week in Amsterdam, and see some family and friends. Like every year, I was supposed to spend some time in New York last month. I’m not sure what will happen this fall, but it doesn’t look promising as Covid-19 cases are surging in several parts of the US including California.

2 Seas Agency’s podcast

What has helped me pull through so far is yet another idea that Derek whispered into my ear already some time ago: The Make Books Travel Podcast. Connecting not only with the international publishing professionals whom I interview, but also with listeners who have been giving me an overwhelming amount of positive feedback has surely made up for some of my Covid-19 blues.

It’s such a fun experience, and at the same time I learn so many things every time I record a new episode. I’m looking forward to further developing the podcast at the heart of 2 Seas Agency, because that is what we do: we make books travel. For nine years now.

My gratitude goes out to all those who have made it possible and supported me along this journey ❤️



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