2 Seas Agency’s Spring 2021 Rights Lists Are Available!

Spring 2021 Rights Lists

2 Seas Agency’s Spring 2021 Rights Lists Are Available!

By Marleen Seegers — Article first published in March 2021

New Titles — 2021 Spring Rights Lists (World Rights Clients)

While the Frankfurt Book Fair has committed to a hybrid digital/physical fair for October 2021, Sr Agent Chrys (who is back from maternity leave 🙌 ), Donatella who is Foreign Rights Assistant for Italy, and I are getting ready to Zoom for another season!

We are excited to share the Spring 2021 Rights Lists for our world rights clients with you:

⇒ Rights Catalog Spring 2021: New Titles from France

⇒ Rights Catalog Spring 2021: New Titles from the Netherlands

⇒ Rights Catalog Spring 2021: New Business, Marketing & Reference Titles

PLUS: the very first Astra House Rights List can be downloaded here!


Backlist Highlights — Spring 2021 Rights Lists (World Rights Clients)

We’ve also picked the must-read gems from our world rights clients‘ backlist and have gathered them here for you to browse through:

⇒ Download Backlist Highlights France Spring 2021

⇒ Download Backlist Highlights the Netherlands Spring 2021

⇒ Download Backlist Highlights English-Language Non-Fiction Spring 2021


Please note we will also be sharing Spring 2021 rights lists of the clients we represent in specific territories with the appropriate acquiring editors.


Requesting Review Material

As always, feel free to contact us if you want to receive review material, or be in touch directly with our wonderful co-agents.

A HUGE thank you goes out to our intern Katie, who worked very hard to prepare the 2 Seas catalogs (weathering many challenges including last-minute buggy Mac updates 🤯 ) and to Foreign Rights Assistant Nikoleta who diligently proofread them!

Chrys, Donatella and I look very much forward to virtually seeing many of you again soon!


* If you have problems accessing box.com, you may preview/download our rights catalogs on Issuu:

Astra House Spring 2021
General Fiction & Non-Fiction from France | NEW TITLES
General Fiction & Non-Fiction from the Netherlands | NEW TITLES
Business Marketing & Reference | NEW TITLES

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