The Make Books Travel Podcast Reaches 10,000 Plays!

The Make Books Travel Podcast Reaches 10,000 Plays!

By Marleen Seegers — Article first published in August 2021

I’m so happy and proud to announce that last month, a little over a year after the first episode aired, the Make Books Travel Podcast passed the 10,000 plays mark!


I wanted to pause for a moment and celebrate this milestone, which in my craziest dreams I wouldn’t have expected to attain so soon!

I also wanted to show immense gratitude to my 39 guests of the international publishing industry (see below). First and foremost Sr Agent Chrys, who was so kind to agree on being my very first interviewee (oh my, we were both so nervous).

And finally, to my husband and agency co-founder Derek, my favorite out-of-comfort-zone pusher who’d been whispering in my ears for at least a year that starting a publishing industry podcast would be a good idea.

Here’s to the next 10,000 plays!

The logos of all published podcast episodes to date:

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