Our Hearts Go Out to the People of Ukraine

Our Hearts Go Out to the People of Ukraine

Article by Marleen Seegers — first published in March 2022

I’m flying out to Europe later this month, bound to see many publishing friends again at the London Book Fair, Amsterdam and Paris, as well as my family in the south of Netherlands.

But Russia invaded Ukraine last week, and Europe is facing its first major war in decades.

As quoted in an open letter from José Borghino, the secretary-general of the International Publishers Association, to Oleksander Afonin, president of the Ukrainian Publishers and Booksellers Association, IPA’s President Bodour Al Qasimi states poignantly,

In times of peace, books have a powerful uniting force. In times of conflict, books are even more important in fostering hope, supporting reconciliation, and cementing peace.

Keeping this in mind is the only way I can give meaning to what it is that I do while war is raging, while the people of Ukraine are suffering. And I can go to Europe with hope.

Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine, and we are praying for peace.

PS: Here’s an overview of how you can help (we just made a donation to Médecins sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders).

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