Allary Editions: World Translation Rights

Allary Editions: World Translation Rights

2 Seas Agency teams up with Allary Editions for world translation rights representation!

By Marleen Seegers – first posted in January 2014.

Logo Allary Editions fullWe are delighted to inform you that 2 Seas Agency represents world translation rights on behalf of the wonderful new French publisher Allary Editions. Check out this Publishing Perspectives article which is dedicated to them!

Founder Guillaume Allary has a solid background in the French publishing scene: he was an editor with Flammarion (1998-2003), then editorial director with Hachette Littératures (2003-2009), and became director of Nil Editions, part of Editions Robert Laffont (2009-2013). Guillaume has given rise to a new generation of writers, including Charles Pépin, Ollivier Pourriol, Riad Sattouf, Faïza Guène and Alexandre des Isnards, and published important voices such as those of Jean-Claude Lattes, Julian Assange and Bernard Pivot.

Nicole Lattès recently joined the team as editorial advisor. Nicole has spent her entire career in publishing, starting with the Gallimard group, then headed Editions Maritimes et Outre-Mer and Editions Jean-Claude Lattès from 1981 to 1991. In 1993, she founded Nil Editions, which quickly obtained success with titles from amongst others Peter Mayle and Jacques Chirac.  In 1999, she became executive director of Editions Robert Laffont. She left this position late 2013, after having published best-sellers for fifteen years both in the field of literature and non-fiction, including international best-selling author Matthieu Ricard (Plaidoyer pour le bonheur, L’art de la méditation, Le moine et le philosophe with philosopher Jean-François Revel…), Jean d’Ormesson, David Servan Schreiber (Anticancer), Bernard Pivot and Sophie Fontanel.

It is the ambition of Allary Editions to return to the essence of the publishing business using the tools that are available today. They publish few titles in order to only offer the best, and won’t limit themselves to specific genres as they want each text to find the form that fits best. They use all new promotional and communicational means to give books that deserve it the chance to reach the greatest number of readers.

Their first title, a debut novel by the young and promising author Diane Brasseur entitled Fidelities (Les fidélités, January 2, 2014) has already received a warm welcome in the French press with raving reviews from among others Elle. The French scouts are also very enthusiastic!

Forthcoming titles include an exceptional graphic novel by successful comic strip artist and film maker Riad Sattouf, The Arab of the Future, the most recent conference of the Mind and Life Institute, Caring Economics. Conversations on Altruism and Compassion, between Scientists, Economists, and the Dalai Lama, and essays by important voices of the new generation of French philosophers such as Charles Pepin, Ollivier Pourriol, and Alexandre Lacroix.

We will be progressively adding Allary Editions‘ titles to our online catalog—you can find the first selection here!

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