LBF 2012 Rights Catalog

LBF 2012 Rights Catalog

Check out our beautiful LONDON BOOK FAIR 2012 Rights Catalog

Are you eager to find out…

1) which Fiction / Non-Fiction / Young Adult titles are not to be missed this season?

2) which new publishers and authors 2 Seas Agency represents throughout the world or in specific territories?

3) what our latest rights deals are?

4) with which exclusive co-agents we share our enthusiasm for the titles we represent worldwide?

If you have answered at least one of the above questions with “YES”, it is important you take a look at the

2 Seas London Book Fair Rights List

We will not be attending the London Book Fair this year—though our spirits will be with you—so feel free to contact us and request review material!

Please note that a complete overview of the titles we represent can be found in our online catalog. There’s even a short tutorial on how best to use it: you’ll be all set in a bit over a minute!

PS: Check out our Facebook profile for daily news on international publishing and highlights in our catalog!

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