Celebrating 6th Anniversary as a Foreign Rights Agent

Foreign rights agent

Celebrating 6th Anniversary as a Foreign Rights Agent

6 years ago from today, on 28 June 2011, I sent out our very first newsletter which started my adventure as a foreign rights agent

By Marleen Seegers — Article published on 28 June 2017

Foreign rights agentAnd what an adventure it has been! The 2 Seas team has traveled all four corners of the world in order to bring the finest international fiction and non-fiction titles to a global audience. The Dutch, French, American, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian,… titles we represent as a foreign rights agent on behalf of our publisher, agent and author-clients have been translated into languages as varied as Korean, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, English, Thai, Polish, and Malayalam!

The most recent and very exciting addition to our activities has been our scouting gig for Atlas Entertainment (Wonder Woman, American Hustle) covering international markets excluding North America and the UK.

I am fortunate to have been surrounded by the most awesome people to share this journey with me: my wonderful husband Derek, co-founder of 2 Seas Agency (without whom I wouldn’t even have considered starting an agency); Chrysothemis, the most hard-working Junior Agent ever, who has been with us for two years now and whom I’ve watched grow and take on an increasing number of responsibilities; former intern-turned-guest contributor Giulia who analyses specific international markets for our monthly Publishing Industry Insights series; and all the other former and current part-time virtual interns, based in places near and afar including São Paulo, Thessaloniki, Paris, Denver, London and Naples. And of course our office cat Millie, who joined us about two years ago from the animal shelter in Ojai 😻 (as you can see in the picture, she’s still wrapping her furry head around the fact it’s already been 6 years!).

A big whole-hearted THANK YOU goes out to them, and to all of you for making it happen: international editors, scouts, agents, clients, translators, organizers of international fairs and fellowships, and avid readers — which we all are, and where it all begins.

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