The Author’s Touch, A Brazilian Perspective

The Author’s Touch, A Brazilian Perspective

By Derek Dodds – article first posted in October 2011

Frankfurt 2011. 2 Seas Agency attended an excellent presentation on the Brazilian publishing market by Tomas de Veiga Pereira from Editora Sextante and Lucia Riff from Agencia Riff at the 25th Rights Directors Conference.

In the video, Tomas from Sextante, one of the biggest publishers in Brazil, talks about book promotion and the importance of the author being part of the book promotion process. The author is still, hands down, as he suggests, the best way to promote a book.

The world may be changing with social media and other technological advances but the reality is that readers still want to meet and speak (connect)  with the author—in Brazil and elsewhere.

Technology is not replacing the author’s touch and in fact, when used correctly, that touch—either physical or virtual—brings readers closer to the the author. Isn’t that what we all want, more intimacy with the people that we admire? Twitter and Facebook are not substitutes for author appearances (physical touches), they are tools to help authors create tribes around their work. These virtual tools push conversations towards more intimate connections and help authors sell more books and reach more readers.

So authors, get out there and connect with your readers—touch them however you can.


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