2 Seas Agency’s 10th Anniversary: Plenty of Things to Celebrate!

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2 Seas Agency’s 10th Anniversary: Plenty of Things to Celebrate!

This incredible adventure called 2 Seas Agency is turning 10 years old 🎊🎉🎂


After this year without physical book fairs I am craving to see you all again in person—not in the least to celebrate our 10-year anniversary!

Despite the many tough and often heartbreaking challenges the Covid-19 pandemic has brought upon the entire world, the agency has seen several exciting developments these past 16 months.

Late December 2020, Sr Agent Chrys gave birth to her beautiful baby daughter Artemis! Earlier that month, Donatella joined us from Rome as foreign rights assistant, focusing on sales into Italy. And foreign rights assistant Nikoleta, who had joined us earlier in the year, increased her responsibilities over the course of these last 6 months.

The Make Books Travel podcast now has 10,000 listens and counting. I finally decided to launch it at the beginning of the pandemic, after multiple (gentle) nudges from agency co-founder, life partner, and overall amazing human being Derek. Admin assistant Irma, who has a degree in music, recently started helping me with the sound mixing process and other podcast-related tasks.

While I was getting more help from the wonderful 2 Seas team, including from our newly joined intern Monica, our presence in the US publishing market grew organically.

We steadily increased our sales of titles in translation for our French, Dutch, Italian, and Brazilian clients into the North American market—besides the continuous successes in the other territories where we are honored to represent them.

We also started representing US publishers for worldwide international sales: beginning with the newly established publisher of literary fiction, poetry and non-fiction Astra House late last year, and earlier this spring we took on the well-known Catapult | Counterpoint | Soft Skull Press catalogs.

And the latest element of growth is yet again a very exciting one: I’ve started to take on a small, handpicked number of authors to represent as a primary agent, both in their domestic markets as well as internationally. More information is coming soon: stay tuned!

My deepest gratitude goes out to the 2 Seas team, our clients, acquiring editors, co-agents, scouts, podcast guests, and all the other inspiring publishing folks who have supported me along this journey ❤️

Love, and here’s to seeing you all again soon,


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