Celebrating 2 Seas Agency’s 11th Anniversary!

Celebrating 2 Seas Agency’s 11th Anniversary!

I can’t believe it’s been so many years already, I feel like they went by in a flash!



What a little catnip can do… Millie the office cat celebrating our 11th anniversary!


June 28, 2011 is the official “birth-day” of 2 Seas Agency: it was the day I sent out our first monthly newsletter.

That day, less than 6 months after I’d left my job at Editions Stock in Paris to move to California, I let the publishing world know that:

1) I had not joined a hippie community;

2) I wasn’t I spending my days learning how to surf (that was quite a disaster); but rather,

3) I was back in international publishing! (though it felt like I’d never left)

Many ups and downs, challenges and celebrations, book fairs and other trips, and numerous milestones later, I am enjoying it more than ever!

My deepest gratitude goes out to those who have supported my journey and have become an integral part of the 2 Seas DNA: our amazing team & clients, international editors, co-agents, scouts, translators, podcast guests, and all of you inspiring publishing people from around the world.

A special shout-out goes to Senior Agent Chrys, who celebrated her 7th anniversary with 2 Seas less than a week ago!

Love, and here’s to seeing you all again this fall. New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Munich and of course the Frankfurt Book Fair are on the agenda!


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