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French publishing

Francophonie: Is French Publishing Too Paris-Centric?

Literary agent Pierre Astier discusses French publishing, France’s Guest of Honour presentation at the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair and the future of French-speaking publishing in times of globalization Publishers’ associations, writers’ associations, distributors, etc. should work together more in order to cope with the 700 million first-language speakers predicted for 2050 by the Organisation Internationale […]

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French Language to Take Center Stage at FBF 2017

Dana Burlac of Editions Denoël takes stock of the current status of publishing in France ahead of the country’s Guest of Honor presentation at the 2017 Frankfurt Book Fair I think that a crisis always contains within itself the seeds of change: if the rules that used to fit the publishing world don’t apply anymore, […]

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publishing in Finland

Publishing in Finland: Its Challenges and Opportunities

Gummerus’ Executive Editor Iina Tikanoja discusses the current state of the Finnish book market and the challenges and opportunities ahead Interestingly, the number one bestselling title right now is actually a poetry collection, edited by the First Lady of Finland, Jenni Haukio, a poet herself. By Giulia Trentacosti – Article first published in September 2017 […]

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Frankfurt Book Fair Canada

Canada Is Gearing Up for Frankfurt Book Fair 2020

An insight into the current state of the Canadian book market and its preparation for the 2020 Guest of Honour presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair By Giulia Trentacosti — Article first published in July 2017 As part of our Publishing Industry Insight Series, this month we are taking a closer look at Canada’s book industry, […]

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A New International Book Fair: Milan’s Tempo di Libri

An overview of the newly established Italian book fair Tempo di Libri debuting this April in Milan by Giulia Trentacosti — article first published in April 2017 With the launch of a new international book fair in Milan, this spring is set to be a busy time for Italian publishing. A joint project by the Italian Publishing Association […]

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Book discovery

Bookwitty: A New Way of Discovering Books

Bookwitty is a new global platform that sets out to change the way readers find, purchase and engage with content. By Giulia Trentacosti – First published in March 2017 As part of our Publishing Industry Insight Series we take a closer look at Bookwitty, a new book discovery platform that will be launched this year. […]

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The Netherlands & Flanders as Frankfurt Book Fair Guest of Honor

Literary Program Co-ordinator Judith Uyterlinde reflects on the outcome of the Netherlands and Flanders Guest of Honor’s presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair By Giulia Trentacosti – First published in February 2017 When it was announced that the Netherlands and Flanders were going to be the Guests of Honour at the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair, the […]

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Indie Author Dan Norris Reflects on Self-Publishing

Entrepreneur and author Dan Norris tells us what he has learned from his self-publishing experience and explains how he managed to turn self-publishing into a 6-figure side business. By Giulia Trentacosti — article first published in December 2016 Self-publishing is a growing reality, as more and more authors decide to embark in their publishing journey without […]

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Publishing in Times of Crisis: Today’s Greek Book Market

Literary agent Evangelia Avloniti reflects on the state of the Greek book industry a year after the third bailout deal with Europe By Giulia Trentacosti – Article first published in September 2016 As part of our Publishing Industry Insight Series, this month we look at the consequences of Greece’s economic crisis on the country’s publishing industry. There’s no […]

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Brexit & Publishing: What Lies Ahead for the British Cultural Industries?

In the aftermath of the vote, literary agent Lorella Belli, founder of the Lorella Belli Literary Agency in London, discusses some of the issues facing the UK publishing industry By Giulia Trentacosti — Article first published in August 2016 A month has passed since Great Britain voted to leave the European Union. Since then, Brexit has […]

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