The Make Books Travel Podcast

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Make Books Travel Podcast2 Seas Agency’s co-founder Marleen Seegers interviews international publishing professionals who make books travel, for instance from manuscript to published book, from one language to another, or from page to screen.

She’d been playing with the idea of starting a podcast for a while. Then COVID-19 happened. She had to cut a 5-week business trip to Europe short after only 1 week of meetings, and returned to California.

Fast forward a few weeks, and the world had become a different place. Almost the entire (international publishing) world had to adapt to working from home, whereas 2 Seas Agency has had a remote set-up practically since its beginnings.

During the many virtual meetings Marleen had the weeks following the start of the pandemic to make up for the hundreds of in-person meetings she was supposed to have at the London Book Fair and elsewhere in Europe, she was asked more than once if she had any tips to share.

This led to the first podcast episode, The Virtual Literary Agency: An Interview with Chrysothemis Armefti.

If you are a publishing professional and are interested in participating in a new podcast episode, let us know!

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