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Indie Author Dan Norris Reflects on Self-Publishing

Entrepreneur and author Dan Norris tells us what he has learned from his self-publishing experience and explains how he managed to turn self-publishing into a 6-figure side business. By Giulia Trentacosti — article first published in December 2016 Self-publishing is a growing reality, as more and more authors decide to embark in their publishing journey without […]

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France’s Librinova: Self-Publishing with a Twist

New digital platform Librinova is changing the face of self-publishing in France By Giulia Trentacosti — Article first published in July 2016 Self-publishing and traditional publishing are usually at odds. On the one hand, enthusiasts and authors praise self-publishing as a way to democratise literature, while on the other most publishers consider it as a synonym for […]

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Getting Books Noticed in Today’s Cluttered World

Checking in on current challenges in book marketing in the United States: “People get interested when others start getting angry” By Babette Dunkelgrün – first posted in June 2014. For this month’s article in 2 Seas Agency’s popular Publishing Industry Insights series, our guest contributor Babette Dunkelgrün talks to Janelle Agius, Senior Marketing Associate at […]

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The Rise of Self-Publishing

Implications for Authors, Publishers, and Foreign Rights Agents By guest contributor Allison Scott – first posted in June 2013. As digital publishing continues to alter the publishing landscape, the role of self-publishing is increasingly an important topic of discussion. It was not so long ago that self-publishing was the disdain of both the publishing world […]

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Traditional vs. Self Publishing

  “For someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, self-publishing rocks.” Interview with best-selling indie author Debora Geary       By Marleen Seegers – first posted in February 2013. There are currently hundreds of possibilities for authors to self-publish. Lulu, Amazon’s Create Space, and Kindle Direct Publishing are among the most popular solutions. Traditional publishers such as Simon & Schuster have also joined […]

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