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2 Seas Agency’s 2018 International Book Fair Calendar

Which international book fairs and festivals will you attend in 2018? 2 Seas Agency has listed the international book fairs and festivals that will take place throughout the world in 2018. Below information is subject to change, and we will, of course, do our best to keep this listing as much up to date as […]

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Trafika Europe Helps You Find European Literature in English

Editor-in-chief Andrew Singer tells us all about Trafika Europe and its forthcoming literary radio station By Giulia Trentacosti — Article first published in November 2015 When we first heard about Trafika Europe, a new platform for great European literature in English, we immediately wanted to share our enthusiasm with our readers and introduce you to such an exciting […]

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Holland: In Defense of the Book

An insight into the Dutch publishing industry: We are a small and spoiled country, it’s refreshing to have the opportunity to tighten our belts. A little bit of realism can’t hurt. 2 Seas Agency is your gateway to the international publishing scene, which means we get to check in with industry professionals from all over […]

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Traditional vs. Self Publishing

  “For someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, self-publishing rocks.” Interview with best-selling indie author Debora Geary       By Marleen Seegers – first posted in February 2013. There are currently hundreds of possibilities for authors to self-publish. Lulu, Amazon’s Create Space, and Kindle Direct Publishing are among the most popular solutions. Traditional publishers such as Simon & Schuster have also joined […]

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Granta 121: Young Brazilian Novelists

Young Brazilian Novelists: Universal Themes and International Appeal By guest contributor Allison Scott – first posted in December 2012. It’s as if you can feel it in the air. A warm breeze blowing through the literary community carrying the whisper: Brazil. The international blogosphere is buzzing with talk of this up-and-coming literary powerhouse. Some of […]

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Europe’s Comeback Country

By Derek Dodds – first posted in October 2011. “We Are Not Just A Dead Poets Society” ~ Dan Mulhall, Irish Ambassador to Germany, is quoted in the video below. I happened to saunter over to the Irish stand when I heard that they were pouring Guinness from the tap—who can pass that up? After finishing a pint the Irish Ambassador to Germany, […]

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