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Latest Rights Deals

2 Seas Agency’s most recent foreign rights deals include: AUGUST 2017 Escande, Ludovic, Climbing Mont Blanc (L’ascension du Mont Blanc): Korea (Mujintree) Pépin, Charles, The Virtues of Failure (Les vertus de l’échec): the Netherlands (Scriptum) Ricard, Matthieu & Singer, Wolf, Beyond the Self. Dialogues between a Neuroscientist and a Buddhist Monk: Brazil (Alaude) Turner, Matthew, The Successful […]

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Fixed Book Pricing

The Impact of Fixed Book Pricing on Foreign License Negotiations by Marleen Seegers – first posted in August 2012. I spent the better part of my life in countries where book prices are fixed, either by law (the Lang Law in France, established in 1981) or by business agreement, which is the case in the […]

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