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Indie Author Dan Norris Reflects on Self-Publishing

Entrepreneur and author Dan Norris tells us what he has learned from his self-publishing experience and explains how he managed to turn self-publishing into a 6-figure side business. By Giulia Trentacosti — article first published in December 2016 Self-publishing is a growing reality, as more and more authors decide to embark in their publishing journey without […]

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France’s Librinova: Self-Publishing with a Twist

New digital platform Librinova is changing the face of self-publishing in France By Giulia Trentacosti — Article first published in July 2016 Self-publishing and traditional publishing are usually at odds. On the one hand, enthusiasts and authors praise self-publishing as a way to democratise literature, while on the other most publishers consider it as a synonym for […]

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Alternative Business Models 3: Direct Sales

“Amazon is not the last word in bookselling” By Marleen Seegers – first posted in june 2013. We recently focused on E-riginals in translation and the profit-sharing model, two increasingly popular business models in the rapidly changing book market. This article is dedicated to a third model, which takes on one of the cornerstones of current-day […]

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Alternative Business Models 2: Profit-Sharing

By Marleen Seegers – first posted in March 2013. The rapidly changing publishing market (who mentioned the word crisis?) incites publishers to venture into alternative business models. We recently focused on publishers of digital originals—or e-riginals—in translation, who avoid printing, stocking, and a large part of the distribution costs. Another model an increasing number of […]

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Alternative Business Models 1: E-riginals in Translation

E-riginals in Translation, a Global Perspective By Marleen Seegers – first posted in November 2012. The age of digital publishing is here to stay; there is no use in denying it. Whenever a market is subject to such massive changes, a myriad of new possibilities arises. Yes, these are exciting times! As an agent specialized […]

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