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Rights Management Database: An Essential Tool

How choosing the appropriate rights management database will save a foreign rights seller time, money and a lot of worries. By Marleen Seegers — article first published in February 2018 My innate love for organization I am obsessed with all things organization—I’m Dutch, and born into a family of engineers. It’s in my genes. I […]

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2 Seas Agency Evacuated during the Thomas Fire

Marleen, Derek and Millie the cat stayed safe during the Thomas Fire early December 2017 By Marleen Seegers—article posted in December 2017 The Ojai Valley, home to 2 Seas Agency’s main office, miraculously survived an agressive wildfire that started on December 4. During our evacuation, our wonderful Jr Agent Chrys who is based in Porto, Portugal […]

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Celebrating 6th Anniversary as a Foreign Rights Agent

6 years ago from today, on 28 June 2011, I sent out our very first newsletter which started my adventure as a foreign rights agent By Marleen Seegers — Article published on 28 June 2017 And what an adventure it has been! The 2 Seas team has traveled all four corners of the world in […]

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2 Seas Agency Wishes You a Happy & Healthy New Year!

Translation rights agency Co-Founder Marleen Seegers reflects on 2016 and looks forward to 2017 By Marleen Seegers — Article first published on January 1, 2017 2 Seas Agency wishes you a peaceful and prosperous 2017, may the New Year bring you plenty of excellent international book discoveries. We hope see you at any of the international book fairs that this […]

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2 Seas Agency’s Virtual Office

How does the 2 Seas team continue to sell foreign rights and maintain business as usual during its frequent travels to international book fairs & major publishing cities, with headquarters in California, a European office in Portugal, and team members that are based around the world? By Marleen Seegers — Article first published in July 2013 […]

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2 Seas Agency: 5 Delightful Years of Selling Foreign Rights

Exactly half a decade ago, on 28 June 2011, 2 Seas Agency started selling foreign rights on behalf of international publishers, agents and a select number of authors By Marleen Seegers — Article published on 28 June 2016 Five years ago from today, I sent out 2 Seas Agency’s very first e-newsletter. Just a few months earlier, I was […]

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2 Seas Agency Turns Four (And It’s Just the Beginning)

Four years ago today (June 28), 2 Seas Agency’s first e-newsletter went out, which officially launched our foreign rights adventure. By Marleen Seegers—first posted in June 2015 On June 28, 2011 I sent out 2 Seas Agency’s very first e-newsletter. A mere three months had passed since I said goodbye to the wonderful team at Editions […]

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2 Seas Agency’s Third Anniversary!

Selling foreign rights for three years: June is always a celebratory month for 2 Seas as not only does it ring in the official start of summer, but it also marks our anniversary! By Marleen Seegers – first posted in June 2014. On June 28, 2011 we sent out our very first newsletter, hence launching ourselves […]

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Foreign Rights: What Is It All About?

2 Seas Agency’s co-founder Marleen recently collaborated with Publishing Trendsetter on an infographic documenting the Lifecycle of a Book in Translation. One of our former interns reflects on how she’s come to understand the lives of books through the world of foreign rights. By Brita Lundberg — article first published in May 2014 “What do you do?” friends and family […]

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New Representation Strategy

By Marleen Seegers -first posted in October 2013. 2 Seas Agency’s client list has been growing steadily since our launch in June 2011. As we explain in detail elsewhere on our website, our activities in the foreign rights sector can be divided in two strategies: Rights representation throughout the world: on behalf of the rights holder, […]

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