2 Seas Agency’s 2019 International Book Fair Calendar

2 Seas Agency’s 2019 International Book Fair Calendar

Which international book fairs and festivals will you attend in 2019?

2 Seas Agency has listed the international book fairs and festivals that will take place throughout the world in 2019.

Below information is subject to change, and we will, of course, do our best to keep this listing as much up to date as possible. Please contact us if you have additional information, or would like to report changes. Your comments and help are much appreciated!

Marleen at the 2016 Turin Book Fair, at the end of her 5-week European tour

January 2019

New Delhi World Book Fair, India
6 – 14 January

International Kolkata Book Fair, India
30 January – 10 February

Jaipur Literature Festival, India
24 – 28 January

Festival International de la Bande Dessinée, Angoulême, France
24 – 27 January

Cairo Book Fair, Egypt
23 January – 2 February

Marleen at the 2011 Beijing International Book Fair

February 2019

Lahore International Book Fair, Pakistan
1 – 5 February

Casablanca Book Fair, Morocco
7 – 17 February

Feria Internacional del Libro de La Habana, Cuba
7 – 17 February

Taipei International Book Exhibition, Taiwan
12 – 17 February

Perth International Arts Festival, Australia
8 February – 3 March

Brussels Book Fair, Belgium
14 – 17 February

Vilnius International Book Fair, Lithuania
21 – 24 February

March 2019

Chrys at the 2016 Lisbon Book Fair

Riga Book Fair, Latvia
1 – 3 March

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, Dubai, UAE
1 – 9 March

London Book Fair, UK
12 – 14 March

Paris Book Fair, France
15 – 18 March

Leipzig Book Fair, Germany
21 – 24 March

Alexandrina International Book Fair, Egypt
25 March – 7 April

Marleen and Chrys at the London Book Fair 2016 edition

Bangkok International Book Fair, Thailand
dates TBC

April 2019

Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Italy
1 – 4 April

Quebec International Book Fair, Canada
10 – 14 April

Bogota International Book Fair, Colombia
23 April – 7 May

Budapest International Book Festival, Hungary
25 – 28 April

Santiago Book Fair, Chile
18 – 29 April

Sant Jordi Festival, Barcelona, Spain
23 April

Geneva Book and Press Fair, Switzerland
1 – 5 May

Buenos Aires Book Fair, Argentina
23 April – 13 May

Eurasian International Book Fair, Astana, Kazakhstan
dates TBC

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair, UAE
24 – 30 April

May 2019 

Chrys in front of the Sharjah International Book Fair, Expo Centre (November 2016)

Thessaloniki Book Fair, Greece
9 – 12 May

Strokestown International Poetry Festival, Ireland
2 – 6 May

Istanbul Tanpinar Literature Festival, Turkey

Prague International Book Fair, Czech Republic
9 – 12 May

Turin International Book Fair, Italy
9 – 13 May

Jerusalem International Book Fair, Israel
12 – 15 May

Warsaw International Book Fair, Poland
23 – 26 May

Derek at the 2013 Bienal do Livro in Rio de Janeiro

International Arsenal Book Festival, Kiev, Ukraine
22 – 26 May

Hay Festival, Wales
23 May – 2 June

Madrid Book Fair, Spain
31 May – 16 June

Lisbon Book Fair, Portugal

BookExpo America, New York, USA
30 May – 1 June

New York Rights Fair, New York, USA
29 – 31 May

Bookfest, Bucharest, Romania

Tbilisi International Book Fair, Georgia

June 2019

Seoul International Book Fair, Korea
19 – 23 June

Venezuela International Book Fair, Venezuela

July 2019

Hong Kong Book Fair, China
17 – 23 July

Comic-Con International, San Diego, USA
18 – 21 July

Paraty International Literary Festival (FLIP), Brazil
10 – 14 July

International Book Fair of Lima, Peru

Marleen speaking at a panel on books in translation during the 2014 BookExpo America

August 2019

Nepal International Book Fair, Nepal
14-20 August

Beijing International Book Fair, China
21 – 25 August

Melbourne Writers Festival, Australia

Ghana International Book Fair, Accra, Ghana

September 2019

Moscow International Book Fair, Russia
4 – 8 September

South African Book Fair, Johannesburg, South Africa

Indonesia International Book Fair, Indonesia

Lviv International Book and Literature Festival, Ukraine

Bloody Scotland, Stirling, UK
20 – 22 September

Marleen and Chrys at the 2016 Frankfurt Book Fair (© João Piedade)

Nairobi International Book Fair, Kenya

Amman International Book Fair, Amman, Jordan

Göteborg Book Fair, Sweden
26 – 29 September

Baku Book Fair, Azerbaijan

October 2019

LIBER International Book Fair, Barcelona, Spain

Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany
16 – 20 October

International Belgrade Book Fair, Serbia

Krakow International Book Fair, Poland
24 – 27 October

Antwerp Book Fair, Belgium

Books sold to Knaus Verlag in Germany through 2 Seas Agency, at the 2015 Leipzig Book Fair

Helsinki Book Fair, Finland
24 – 27 October

November 2019

Sharjah International Book Fair, UAE

Krasnoyarsk Book Culture Fair, Russia

Bibliotéka Bratislava, Slovakia

Vienna International Book Fair, Austria
6 – 10 November

Malta Book Festival, Valletta, Malta

Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair, China
8 – 10 November

International Children and Young Adults Book Fair (FILIJ), Mexico

Istanbul Book Fair, Turkey

Interliber, Zagreb, Croatia

Salon du livre de Montréal, Canada

foreign rights

Marleen in action at the 2016 Guadalajara International Book Fair

Dublin Book Festival, Ireland

Gaudeamus Book Fair, Bucharest
dates TBC

Slovenian Book Fair, Ljubljana, Slovenia

FIL de Guadalajara, Mexico
23 November – 1 December

Pula Festival of Books and Authors, Croatia

December 2019

Moscow Non/Fiction Book Fair, Russia
4 – 8 December

Più Libri Più Liberi (Rome Book Fair), Rome, Italy

Sofia International Book Fair, Bulgaria

Jeddah International Book Fair, Saudi Arabia

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